Kestrel Heights Community Raves Over B Sweet & Savory’s Catering

On July 15, 2015 at approximately 11:30am, we submitted our proposal for catering services at Kestrel Heights. We’ve so enjoyed our time with the Kestrel Heights Family, that it is our hope to possess the winning bid and return to Kestrel Heights for many years to come.

To gather feedback on their experiences with our services, we provided the parent group with an End-Of-Year survey. We were very pleased with our survey results and look forward to continued improvement. So motivated were we by these results that we attached them to our catering proposal.  We are excited to share a few of the results and feedback with you below!

Also, we were recently inspected by the Durham County Health Department and received an Inspection Rating of 100% to match the previous rating received by Kestrel Heights back in April! It is our goal to deliver a quality product that was prepared in a sanitary environment by professional trained in food service rules and regulations.

Thanks to the entire Kestrel Heights Family for ALL of your support!


Bobbi L. Hadersbeck


My son was happier with your meals than with the previous vendor. I’m only going by his “review”.

– Anonymous Elementary School Parent

The kids were happy

– Anonymous Middle School Parent

The kids came home talking about how good the food was.          

– Anonymous Middle School Parent

The kids were able to tell me immediately the difference in the lunches for the last couple of weeks in the school year, immediately I was happy and excited that I no longer had that worry of them not eating during the school day. So pleased!

– Anonymous Elementary and High School Parent


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Kestrel Heights Receives 100% Health Inspection Rating

On April 13, 2015, Kestrel Heights Schools was awarded their very first 100% Inspection Rating. Though they’ve consistently maintained a Grade of A, there are very few kitchens holding a 100% rating due in no small part to the fact that this requires flawless kitchen setup is not an easy feat. We are proud to have been an integral part in Kestrel’s reaching this major milestone. We conducted our research into the best practices and worked through Spring Break to transform Kestrel’s kitchen into an HAACP-based operation. Equipment was relocated, prep tables were rearranged to provide a smoother flow, and signs were hung to ensure all rules were followed. The Kestrel family was very supportive of our initiative and pitched in without hesitation. This was a group effort that has reaped the highest and most accomplished award. It is truly an honor to be a member of the Kestrel family and community.


Let’s go, Hawks!!!

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We’re growing!!! And, it’s all thanks to you…

Thank you so much for all of your support and well-wishes. Just wanted to share with you our latest accomplishment of becoming the new caterer for Kestrel Heights Charter School. Here is the email announcement sent out to parents last evening:


March 12, 2015

Dear Parents,

I wanted to let you know that Chicken Hut has informed me and the board of directors that as of March 31, they will no longer be serving as our catering company for our lunch program.  As a result we had to make a change to our provider mid-year.  After an extensive search I am excited to announce that on Tuesday night, the board of directors, based on my recommendation, approved B Sweet and Savory catering company to serve our students.  B Sweet and Savory provided all the necessary documents and met all the specific requirements to obtain the contract.  The company will start serving students on April 1, 2015.

B Sweet and Savory will be contracted through the end of the year and at that point we will reevaluate our child nutrition program for the 2015-16 school year.  In the meantime, there will not be any significant changes to the program when it comes to how you as a family participate.

The lunches will still cost $3.50 and you will still use the same online system to order lunches.  Ms. Hofheinz will continue to support parents with orders, Ms. Maggie Buckholz will still support families with issues pertaining to payments and fiscal concerns, and Ms. Griffin will support parents with Free and Reduce Lunch applications.

We are working internally to make this a smooth transition, but anytime there is a change there maybe a few bumps in the road.  It is important that you let our team know if you are having any issues.  We will be providing you specific contact information to B Sweet and Savory if you have questions, comments, or concerns about the food or those serving the food.

For ordering purposes the company has provided the menu for the rest of the year and we are in the process of uploading the menu to the online ordering site.  However, I have attached a copy of the menu to this email so that you as parents and students can review the lunch options.

We truly believe that this change will be positive for our community and we thank you for your understanding and patience in this transition.

Have a great evening and as always please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Dr. Mark Tracy

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B Sweet and Savory Site Launched!

Finally the site is here and the business is still growing! Today we are preparing to cater two super bowl parties and am looking forward to another year of catering the athletic programs for Hillside High School, Riverside High School and Kestrel Heights schools in Durham, NC. If you want to see what we have to offer, please stop by the site at You will have the ability to book  a catered event with us, order baked items, or simply provide feedback if you’ve experienced our services and goods already.


Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to doing business with you!

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