Kestrel Heights Community Raves Over B Sweet & Savory’s Catering

On July 15, 2015 at approximately 11:30am, we submitted our proposal for catering services at Kestrel Heights. We’ve so enjoyed our time with the Kestrel Heights Family, that it is our hope to possess the winning bid and return to Kestrel Heights for many years to come.

To gather feedback on their experiences with our services, we provided the parent group with an End-Of-Year survey. We were very pleased with our survey results and look forward to continued improvement. So motivated were we by these results that we attached them to our catering proposal.  We are excited to share a few of the results and feedback with you below!

Also, we were recently inspected by the Durham County Health Department and received an Inspection Rating of 100% to match the previous rating received by Kestrel Heights back in April! It is our goal to deliver a quality product that was prepared in a sanitary environment by professional trained in food service rules and regulations.

Thanks to the entire Kestrel Heights Family for ALL of your support!


Bobbi L. Hadersbeck


My son was happier with your meals than with the previous vendor. I’m only going by his “review”.

– Anonymous Elementary School Parent

The kids were happy

– Anonymous Middle School Parent

The kids came home talking about how good the food was.          

– Anonymous Middle School Parent

The kids were able to tell me immediately the difference in the lunches for the last couple of weeks in the school year, immediately I was happy and excited that I no longer had that worry of them not eating during the school day. So pleased!

– Anonymous Elementary and High School Parent


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